Westman Soil Sampling Company retrieving a soil sample from a snow covered field

Westman Soil Sampling Ltd. provides dependable and prompt soil sampling solutions tailored for variable and constant rate fertility management systems, along with comprehensive carbon and soil health monitoring services.

The company operates 14 soil sampling units with mid-body hydraulic cylinder placements, enabling sampling depths of up to 24 inches in any conditions. Additionally, WSS utilizes three tracked units for accessing all locations without leaving ruts in soft soil, ensuring successful soil core retrieval in any weather.

Meet Our Team

Dean Gamey


Cattle farm born & raised South of Strathclair, Manitoba.

“I’ve worked on farms that saw a huge increase of black soil, worms, insects & general diversity on fields with regenerative practices. It was obvious that the health of this soil was improving but no objective data or way to collect objective data was available. I wanted to get into soil testing so that I could learn more about that process and how it could be effectively measured.”

Jeremy Marvin


Grain farm born & raised Northeast of Brandon, Manitoba.

“Being that I farm myself and have worked alongside my Dad for 10 years, I’ve been witness to the growing costs of conventional farming. Land and fields that once produced well were showing signs of malnourishment and so in my efforts to reduce costs, I started to research and look into soil sampling to better understand the nutrients needed for richer crop land.”

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