Soil Sampling In a Nut Shell

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Depending on what company, retailer or individual farmer, anywhere from 16 to 144 soil cores will be obtained per 160 acre (quarter section) field.

Each core of soil is ~3/4″ in diameter and 24″ long. The core is obtained using a hydraulic cylinder with a 30″ stroke length, which is connected to an electric, hydraulic pump that is powered by the vehicle battery.

This core is divided into sections of 0-6″ (top soil) and 6-24″ (sub soil). The soil is carefully packaged, organized, documented and then sent off to one of a few different soil analysis labs that are used depending on what is being tested. Specifically by organic farmers. Once the cores have arrived at the lab they are dried, analyzed and depending on the test being done and which lab, the results are ready between 2 and 6 business days.