Informing Fertilizer & Soil Health Decisions Across Western Canada

Three Sampling Options

Variable Rate Sampling

We provide the sampling; Decisive Farming takes care of the rest. We can help you get started.

Carbon Sequestration

A natural process in which carbon is removed from the atmosphere and held in the soil.

Composite Sampling

Represents the average conditions of the area sampled by combining data from all sample locations.

Soil Test Year-Round

Westman Soil Sampling Ltd. provides dependable and prompt soil sampling solutions tailored for variable and constant rate fertility management systems, along with comprehensive carbon and soil health monitoring services.

The company operates 14 soil sampling units with mid-body hydraulic cylinder placements, enabling sampling depths of up to 24 inches in any conditions. Additionally, WSS utilizes three tracked units for accessing all locations without leaving ruts in soft soil, ensuring successful soil core retrieval in any weather.

Test your soil health year round
westman soil sampling fleet